From 2012 to 2019, Kural Design was contracted by Target Corporation’s Public Relations department to develop preconsumer market collateral for press agencies both nationally as well as globally. We developed a lookbook template that was scalable and modular for multiple campaigns for their home and fashion divisions.

ClientTarget CorporationServicesArt Direction, Design, Web Design, Print DesignYearApril 2012 to 2019

Custom Applications

Lilly Pulitzer at Target - kural design work
Lilly Pulitzer at Target

Target partnerships require a little something extra. We tailor each look book’s specific functionality to fit Target’s current overall marketing campaign. Target also tasks us with the responsibility of leading collaborations with other Target design agencies when projects require our specialized experience. We custom code each book to implement the approved design, then we run a variety of tests to ensure that the application runs well under all conditions and is ready for its official launch date.

Plaid at Target 2015 - kural design work
Now This Is Plaid TargetStyle

Interactive Look Books

By applying our custom multi-use template, we’ve developed an online editorial look book for Target’s internal brands as well as their partners. We have successfully launched over thirty look books and we continue to make ongoing updates to tailor our templates to their growing needs.

Look Sheets at Target - kural design work

Printable Look Sheets

When time is of the essence or the campaign calls for a take-away, we include a printable look sheet that includes Target’s partnered-brand standards. Our look sheets have had a very high success rate in these scenarios by ensuring that the partnership’s brand message and products are clear and accurate.