Profile Advisors

Profile Advisors, a PR firm, approached Kural Design to develop the brand identity. The scope of work included creating a logo, color palette, and typography. In addition, Kural Design was tasked with designing and building a website that would align with the new brand identity, allowing the company to excel in its competitive space.

ClientProfile AdvisorsServicesBrand Identity, Web Design and Web Development

Logo, Color Palette and Typography:

Our team conducted thorough research on the target market and direct competitors. This research informed the design of a visually impactful logo, a color palette that evokes strength and confidence, and typography that communicates the brand's character. These elements were designed to effectively communicate Profile Advisors' unique positioning and value proposition while resonating with the target audience, thus setting them apart in the competitive space.

Pantone® 7461 C
C82 M34 Y9 K0
R5 G138 B190

Pantone® 295 C
C100 M80 Y29 K32
R12 G54 B97
HEX #0C3661

Pantone® 647 C
C91 M63 Y20 K4
R33 G96 B146
HEX #216092

Pantone® 124 C
C7 M35 Y100 K0
R235 G169 B0


Palatino Regular


Google Font Lato Regular

Web Design and Development:

At Kural Design, we understand that a website is a digital representation of a brand and a powerful tool for engagement and conversion. When tasked with designing and building a website for Profile Advisors, we approached the project with a holistic understanding of the brand identity and the target market.

Our process began with creating a sitemap and wireframes that would organize the content in a way that was both user-friendly and aligned with the brand identity. We then moved on to the design phase, where we crafted a visually stunning and highly functional interface that would engage the target audience and establish Profile Advisors as a leader in their field.

The development phase was executed with the same level of attention to detail, using the latest technologies to ensure that the website was not only beautiful, but also fast, secure, and optimized for search engines. The website was designed to be responsive to be easily accessible across devices.

The result is a website that aligns with the brand identity and sets the standard in the competitive space, effectively attracting and engaging the target audience and establishing Profile Advisors as a thought leader in the industry.

Printed material and digital assets:

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