Macellum Capital Management

Macellum Capital, an activist investment firm, sought the design expertise of Kural Design to elevate its online presence. The scope was to visually communicate Macellum’s mission and values through a fully responsive website aligned with current technological standards.

ClientMacellum Capital ManagementServicesWeb Design and Development, Graphic

Web Design and Development:

Kural Design embarked on a journey to craft a dynamic and engaging website. We reviewed the company’s core mission and values to identify the website’s objectives and create a visually striking identity to accurately reflect the brand’s essence. Our team meticulously planned the website’s structure and layout to ensure seamless navigation and an optimal user experience. We implemented the design using WordPress CMS. The final product not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations.

Spec Logo Design:

Although Macellum Capital decided not to proceed with the spec logo design below, we believe it would be a logical next step in modernizing their current logo.