Longacre Square Partners

When designing a brand for a full-service corporate, financial, and special situations communications firm, it is vital to consider the overall image and messaging that the brand will convey. The brand should exude professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness, as these are all essential qualities for a full-service communications firm to possess in order to attract and retain clients. It is also necessary for the brand to be visually appealing and cohesive, with a strong logo, color palette, and font choices that work together to create a coherent and memorable brand identity.

ClientLongacre Square PartnersServicesBrand Identity, Web Design and Web Development Year2022Linklongacresquare.com

Logo Lockup, Color Palette and Typography:

Kural Design worked with the principals of this full-service corporate, financial, and special situations communications firm to create a cohesive and effective brand identity. This process involved conducting extensive research to understand the company's target audience, competitive landscape, and business goals, developing a brand positioning statement to define the company's unique value proposition and brand personality, designing a set of brand guidelines to outline the company's visual branding elements, and implementing the new brand identity across all marketing materials and channels. Throughout the process, we maintained consistent communication with the company to ensure that the final result aligned with their business goals and resonated with their target audience.

Longacre Square Logo

Pantone® 281 C
CMYK 100/88/37/31
RGB 5/44/89
HEX 052C59

Pantone® 7473 C
CMYK 80/9/59/0
RGB 3/166/136
HEX 03A688

Pantone® 279 C
CMYK 72/33/0/0
RGB 5/151/242
HEX 0597F2

Pantone® COOL GRAY 5
CMYK 17/13/15/0
RGB 210/210/217


Google Font Playfair Display Regular

Longacre Square branded header font Playfair


Google Font Open Sans Regular

Longacre Square branded paragraph font OpenSans

Web Design and Development:

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