Hanold Associates

For the Hanold Associates rebranding project, our team at Kural Design worked closely with the client to understand their business, target audience, and goals. We conducted research and analysis to gain insights into the competitive landscape and the needs and preferences of the target audience. Based on this research, we developed a new brand positioning and messaging strategy that focused on Hanold Associates’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and collaboration.

ClientHanold Associates ServicesBrand Identity, Marketing Communication Assets and Web DesignYear2019Linkhanold-associates.com

Logo lockup, Color Palette and Typography:

We created a new visual identity for the company, including a redesigned logo, color palette, and typography. The new design elements were intended to convey a sense of professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness, and to effectively communicate the Hanold Asoociates' value proposition.

PANTONE 534 C 70%
C36 M23 Y0 K51
R79 G95 B124
HEX #5D6983
HSL 221º 17% 44%

PANTONE 715 C 90%
C0 M53 Y95 K0
R255 G143 B33
HSL 30º 87% 100%

PANTONE Cool Gray 3 C
C21 M17 Y17 K0
R200 G200 B200
HSL 30º 87% 100%


Myriad Pro


Adobe Garamond Pro

Web Design:

As part of the Hanold Associates rebranding project, our team at Kural Design was also responsible for redesigning the company’s website. This included creating a new layout and visual design that was consistent with the new brand identity, as well as updating the site’s content and functionality to better meet the needs of the target audience.

Printed material and digital assets:

Kural Design was also responsible for designing a variety of other digital and printed assets to support the new brand identity. This included creating marketing materials such as brochures, presentations, social media graphics, and business documents such as letterhead, business cards, and email templates.