Continental General

We had the opportunity to rebrand and redesign the website for Continental General. It is an insurance company with a mission to assist policyholders in managing the financial challenges and risks that come with aging. Our team conducted extensive research on the industry and target audience to understand the needs and preferences of users. We worked closely with the Continental General team to develop a new brand identity to effectively communicate their mission and values. Our design team created a clean, user-friendly website. The resulting site is easy to navigate and provides valuable information to users. We are proud of the successful rebrand and redesign, and we believe it will significantly benefit both the company and its policyholders.

ClientContinental GeneralServicesBrand Identity, Web Design and Web

Logo Lockup, Color Palette and Typography:



PMS 3538 C
CMYK 76/26/0/0
RGB 26/153/213
HEX 1A99D5

PMS 3015 C
CMYK 94/92/20/3
RGB 0/97/48
HEX 006194

PMS 3275 C
CMYK 73/1/58/0
RGB 52/183/143
HEX 34B78F

Primary Typeface:

Source San Pro

Secondary Typeface:

Source Serif Variable

Web Design and Development: