Kural Design and Longacre Square Partners collaborated to develop the new brand and touchpoints for financial firm ARINI. Kural Design was responsible for designing the company’s brand identity, website, and marketing assets. Longacre Square, a full-service communications firm, focused on promoting the new brand and messaging through various PR channels. Together, the firms successfully established a strong and consistent brand image for ARINI.

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Logo lockup, Color Palette and Typography:

Kural Design worked in close partnership with Longacre Square Partners to develop a brand identity that was visually impactful and aligned with ARINI's values. The teams researched and analyzed the target audience, competitors, and industry trends to gain a deep understanding of the market and the brand's positioning. Based on this research, they crafted a brand strategy and messaging that effectively communicated ARINI's unique selling points. The brand's visual elements, such as the logo, typography, color palette, and imagery, were designed to reflect the brand strategy and messaging. Throughout the process, Kural Design's approach was strategic, research-driven, and collaborative to ensure that the brand identity effectively represents ARINI and helps them stand out in the market.

Pantone® 7708 C
CMYK 100/75/31/16
RGB 7/72/115
HEX 074873

CMYK 76/26/0/0
RGB 26/153/213
HEX 1A99D5

CMYK 54/4/100/0
RGB 132/188/65
HEX 84BC41

CMYK 88/38/100/36
RGB 18/89/45
HEX 12592D

CMYK 81/53/80/72
RGB 13/42/24
HEX 0D2A18

CMYK 2/11/97/0
RGB 253/217/25

CMYK 100/87/17/4
RGB 34/64/134
HEX 224086

CMYK 54/20/100/2
RGB 132/163/62
HEX 84A33E


Google Font Crimson


Avenir® Next by Linotype

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