Abbott Cooper PLLC

Kural Design revised and updated the brand identity of Abbott Cooper PLLC, a champion of the rights of shareholders that advocates for their interests and provides them with legal representation. The new design is highlighted by the use of deep blues and grays, which highlight the firm’s professional and committed approach. We’re thrilled to have had the chance to shape the narrative of this remarkable legal firm.

ClientAbbott Cooper PLLCServicesBrand Identity, Web Design and Web

PMS 295 C
CMYK 100/86/34/23
RGB 25/54/100
HEX 193664

PMS 660 C
CMYK 91/65/5/0
RGB 30/97/166
HEX 1E61A6

PMS 7544 C
CMYK 50/31/28/0
RGB 135/156/167
HEX 879CA7


Space Grostek


Google Font Lato Regular

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