Well Designed Vintage Airline Poster Art! ✈

Following a recent Facebook post on vintage airline posters, here are some additional posters that we like a lot. A few of the posters below were illustrated by well known artist, Stan Galli. He died at the age of 97 in April of 2009. Stan Galli’s art can be found in the Baseball Hall of Fame, the Pentagon and other places; his work has been shown at the Smithsonian Institution, the New York Historical Society and the Grand Central Gallery in New York. I found a mini bio on Stan on the Society of Illustrators website.

United Airlines Southern California

Los Angeles – United Airlines.

Chicago – Braniff

Air France

New York – United Airlines

707 Jet – American Airlines

B.O.A.C. – British Overseas Airways Corporation

Panama – Braniff


United Nations – United Airlines

St. Louis – TWA

Disneyland Los Angeles – TWA