Exploring the Allure of Vintage Art Deco Liquor Posters

Vintage Art Deco Poster Featured Image – Kural Design – Design Notes

The Art Deco Aesthetic

Back in the late 90’s, it seemed like everyone I knew had an Art Deco Liquor, Wine, or Caffé Poster, in a frame, on their wall, in their tiny tiny NYC apartment. It’s probably hiding a structural defect or wall blemish. Below are some of my favorites.

The world was a whirlwind of change and excitement in the roaring twenties. The Jazz Age brought a newfound appreciation for elegance, extravagance, and indulgence. Art Deco was at the heart of this era’s aesthetics, a design style characterized by its geometric shapes, bold colors, and luxurious materials. One of the most captivating manifestations of Art Deco can be found in vintage liquor posters. These exquisite pieces of art reflect the spirit of their time and continue to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors today.

The Elegance of Liquor

The combination of Art Deco’s visual appeal and the allure of liquor made vintage liquor posters highly sought after during the Jazz Age. These posters were not just advertisements; they were works of art that encapsulated the essence of a luxurious and indulgent lifestyle.

Iconic Brands

Prominent liquor brands of the era, such as Martini & Rossi, Cointreau, and Campari, commissioned some of the most iconic Art Deco liquor posters. These posters became synonymous with sophistication and were displayed in upscale establishments worldwide.

Capturing the Atmosphere

Artists tasked with creating liquor posters had the challenge of capturing the essence and atmosphere of the drinking experience. Through clever design and artistic interpretation, they managed to convey the idea of a glamorous night out or an intimate cocktail party, all in a single poster.


Vintage Art Deco liquor posters are more than just advertisements; they are windows into a bygone era of glamour, elegance, and indulgence. These exquisite pieces of art continue to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike, reminding us of a time when every cocktail was a toast to the future, and every poster was a masterpiece.

Whether you’re a collector, an art lover, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of the past, exploring the world of vintage Art Deco liquor posters is a journey well worth taking. Cheers to the past, and may these stunning posters continue to grace our walls and inspire us to raise a glass to the timeless allure of Art Deco.