A few color building tools for your toddler

Color is very important in a child’s growth. A child can learn about the world faster through using color in descriptions e.g. “See the yellow school bus,” “We stop at the red light and go at the green light” and much more. Our son’s first official word was car. He said it over and over and over again.

We expanded upon that by associating color with every car that he called out. He quickly caught on and described every car he saw with the appropriate color. When he learned a new word, he quickly called out the color of that word, if that applied.

When teaching colors be sure to expand upon the usual set of colors. Introduce grays, light browns (tan and beige), purples and violets. Our son likes hot wheels and we made sure to find a car in every possible color. This was no easy task especially trying to find a pink car. Color should never be gender based.

Grimm’s Small Circle of Goethe

Grimm's Small Circle of Goethe - Color Wheel Wooden Mini Creative Puzzle

Product Description

“This Mini Circle of Goethe creative puzzle is made up of 24 wooden pieces in 8 vibrant rainbow colors that rest in a circular wooden frame. The spiral design represents the Color Wheel, and is based on Goethe’s Theory of Colors, an important concept taught in Waldorf schools. The pieces can be used to create designs and patterns either in or out of the frame.” Available at Amazon

Creative Expression

MoMA Color-Play Puzzle


Product Description

This puzzle’s two-sided design and unusual shape allows for hours of imaginative puzzle play. One side features colors, with photographs of everyday objects on the other side. Put the pieces together to form a color wheel or mix up a variety of shapes and color patterns. There is no “right” answer—just endless fun! Available at Amazon


Pantone: Color Cards: 18 Oversized Flash Cards


This 18-card set contains two tones of each of the nine colors. Lollipop Purple, Starfish Orange, and Grasshopper Green are a few of the color named in this collection. Pantone: Color Cards: 18 Oversized Flash Cards

Worm Pink

Richard Scarry’s Color Book

Richard Scarry's Color Book

This book really is enjoyable and our son discovered the word “purple” for the first time. I believe it is out of print but you can still find a copy on Richard Scarry’s Color Book on Amazon

Busy Beavers Color Chants

Busy Beavers TV is a Children’s Educational TV Show Presented in a Variety-Show Format. Each Episode Teaches Topics such as Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Emotions, Food and more. Visit BBTV’s youTube Channel here I’ve embedded a couple of our favorites regarding color below, enjoy!

Music Videos based on color and mood.

Songs that have color in them, like the Busy Beavers Videos, really help with color memorization. Below are a few of my son’s favorites.